Windows and Canopes

Jack Stantons alternate Window latch

Lawson Laslows window latch

David Abrams window latch

Scott Turner uses a large diaper pin,
fits perfectly and no need to
drill any larger holes!

Wayne DelRossi's canopy latch removal & replacement

Sliding side window removal & window welt replacement
Solving Side Window Scratching
Window Welt installation

Lynn on slippery side windows:

I find that the problems with keeping the side windows closed or partially open is that over the years the hardware originally installed in the Ercoupe is broken, or missing completely.
There was originally a small spring steel strip riveted on the inside of the window channel which applied a small amount of pressure on the window through the window welt.
The pressure could be increased by using the screw(#8 x 32 ) to add pressure to the side of the window, which would hold the window in place. Once the metal piece is gone, the screw only can put pressure on the plastic through the window welt (no good).
So the solution is to glue a piece of stainless steel to the outside of the window welt between the welt and the screw. Then when the screw is turned in it adds pressure over an area of the welt which holds the window in the desired place.
The stainless piece should be about 1/2 " wide by about an inch long. The original piece was only about 1/4" by about 2 "long, riveted to the inside of the track on top. I have tried using a piece of aluminum, but it does not hold up to the pressure of the screw. The stainless will withstand the pressure and last a good while.
I also have made replacement screws by adding wing nuts to a long # 8 screw (yeah I am cheap)


My plane did not have these metal U-shaped parts before so the tension screw pushed directly on the window. As people over tightened it cracks appeared. My friend fabricated these using his as a pattern so the screw pushes the welt against the window instead.

The thumb turn knurled screws are from Univair. Stock item.

Joe Williams

David Abrams on rear window replacement

Lynn about enlarged rear windows

A couple of items I would add (other than how to do it) are that I have found several of the window installations in the Ercoupe have had the window opening cut a little too large for the window (that LP/Univair sells). This means that not only does the window not fit properly, but when you use the 6 ft. seal strip provided by Univair, it ends up being too short. In effect it may all go together fairly easily, but also means when you push or lean on it, the window will pop out of place. Also, the tool that is sold/provided for the installation needs to be modified slightly & really should have a larger handle to allow you to more easily provide the pressure required to install the locking strip once the window & seal are in place. (it also requires copious amounts of lubrication)
The only way to fix it (& make it look nice) is to cut your own windows that are the proper size for the opening. Then buy the seal in a length that is long enough so you can cut it slightly larger than the opening (about 5/8”) and put it all together. (you can trim the seal as you finish the installation if needed)
I know this requires two people to the installation, but when it is finished, the window will not pop loose when pushed from either side.
Vernon Gregory sells the locking strip in uncut lengths (& less expensive too) if needed.

See also Enlarged Rear Window installation

Jon's method how to glue the seal to the bottom of the windshield.