A workaround to hold the sliding windows in place

The 2 photos are of my super cheap canopy latch device. I bought a piece of wide Velcro from Lowe's, cut two little pieces and stuck them on the two little thumb holds that hang down from the canopy. Then I took the other piece of Velcro which is about 4 inches long and pressed it onto the Velcro on the thumb holds. The canopy seals tight. In fact, you have to pull hard to undo it.

It sure beats those worthless thumb screws that ruin your side windows.

I use the full 4 inches to leave about a 3 inch opening in the canopy, it gets hot on cold days.

When I open the canopy, I pull the 4 inch strip off and put it in my glove box so no one will see my cheesy canopy latch. You don't notice the tiny Velcro strips on the thumb holds.

Jack Stanton