Steering and flight surface controls

One of the most neglected parts of most Ercoupes are the controls. Little maintenance is done to the control linkages and the hardware can be as old as the aircraft. The Heim bearings at the push rod ends do their jobs without much care, let alone needed oil and grease. Let me show you where a little money spent can buy much peace of mind.

Here are a few steps to a safer airplane:

Q & A to rudder pedals:

Q:A friend is considering buying a coupe, 415-C that has the rudder pedal conversion which he would want to remove. Is that difficult ?

A:NO, removal of the rudder pedals ( as long as they are not the Alon variety) is relatively simple. Just remove the front floor board which the rudder pedals are attached to, unhook the short cables that go from the pedals to the mixer (behind the seats), remove the short cables, and install the bolt in the mixer that connects the rudders to the ailerons.

You can remove the pedals from the floor board and reuse the floor board. If the brake pedal has been cut off or removed, it will have to be replaced.

Don't forget to make a log book entry.