Note: Alon A2,A2a, and M-10 were fitted with cleveland 30-4 brakes, these use cleveland 066-11100 brake linings, or Rapco RA066-11000

Ercoupe Cleveland Wheel and Brake Conversion Kit
Model/Name: ERCO E, G, 415-C, 415-D & 415-CD (S/N 813 & up) FORNEY F-1, F-1A

NameNumberWear Limit
Kit Number199-69---
Tire Size6.00-6---
Main Wheel Assembly40-41---
Standard Disc164-003000.20 IN./5.207mm
Chrome DiscN/A---
Brake Assembly30-30---
Lining Type066-105000.100 IN./2.54 mm

Torque for Wheel Assembly halves 150 inch/pounds Dry or 16.9 ft/pounds Dry. Torque for brake back plate 30-30 90 inch/pounds Dry or 10.2 ft/pounds Dry.

Comments: Installation per FAA STC SA120GL, SA127GL. See also the STC list

Failure reports on Brake parts

Univar: 415-C; Sheared Brake Clevis; ATA 3240

"On landing," says this general aviation technician, "(this aircraft) lost braking action. An investigation found the brake piston clevis rod between the brake pedal arm and the master cylinder had sheared below the lock nut." (Piston clevis rod P/N: 4008. Component name and P/N: Brake Arm; 41533458. See photo below.)