Jon on how to glue the seal to the bottom of the windshield

Here's what I did... First I test fit the seal to the bottom of the windshield with clothes pins. (You will need a lot of them) Next I found loctite super glue gel control for rubber (at lowes)

to work the best. The only downside is the bottle size. i used 5 bottles for the whole seal because the bottle size is .14oz. Work a little area at time because it does dry fast, while the seal is still on the windshield you can then start to put the glue under the seal on one side and as you glue, use the clothes pins to hold it down while it dries placing them close together Seen here:

I did the inside part of the seal first one half of the windshield at a time then let it set for 20 minutes and the did the other half of the inside the same way. Repeat for the outside and let it set for an hour. Then it's ready to mount on the fuselage! Before you glue the seal on the bottom of the windshield to the fuse, line up the windshield in the proper place on the fuse then add the top metal strip and screw in place to the fuse side runners. Once tight and everything is where you want it then continue and glue the rubber seal to the fuse. For gluing on to the fuse I used a tube of all purpose poly seam seal and it goes on white and dries clear. You can also buy this at lowes. Pic below

''Hope this helps! Jon''