Ercoupe, Alon Seats and Harness and Baggage Compartment

Cessna Seat Drawings

Cessna Seat Installation

Ercoupe Seat frame repair

Correct Seats in a 415C

Airtex Interior

Big Baggage Compartment

The big baggage compartment found in Alon models:SK 77 - description and drawing
Alon-Baggage-Compartment_page1.pdf 2.5 MB
Alon-Baggage-Compartment_page2-6.pdf 4.2 MB

Shoulder Harness Installations

Alpha Shoulder Harness for Ercoupes

Jack Stantons DAVIS Shoulder Harness Installation

  • Another very good documented shoulder harness installation.
Here is a copy of the FAA paperwork and structural analysis and photos of the Shoulder Belt modification performed on my Ercoupe. It is also applicable to Ercoupe derivatives, such as Alon models. This modification has virtually no exterior indications of a modification except some additional rivets between existing rivets at one or two frame locations.[| ShoulderHarnessMod.pdf]]

Lynol Amero