Ercoupe center section repair

Here a few reports on what could go wrong in your planes center section

On the good side, the dreaded Center Section AD requires you to either cut inspection holes on the belly or to disassemble the plane every 3 years or so and inspect with the wings off. If your mechanic has a boroscope, the inspection can be done without taking the wings off, even without inspection panels in the belly.

But best is to take the wings off. That way you can easily see every detail of the center section.

The articles and images here are an example for what to look for and where.

A picture of the center section upside down and without belly skin

Hartmuts finding of a corroded rib

Glen Davids cracked center spar

Upper spar crack repair and how to avoid the problem

Jack Stantons corroded center spar

Dave's Center Section Swap

When you find rivets that lost their heads.
If the heads are missing or held on by paint, the rivets most likely are corroded. Don't just replace the rivet, pull a couple on each side and open the skin enough to inspect for corrosion on the skin and structure inside. Missing heads are common on the belly skins along with corrosion inside - especially in the rear spar area.

Finally a video showing a lucky center section that can be need to be rebuilt