Goodyear Brakes Troubles

The Goodyear brakes were original equipment for thousands of Ercoupes. They were the top of the line back 80 years ago, but are hopelessly outdated these days. But they still work - unless you are running into problems.

Troubles are caused as usual by corrosion: Corroding wheel halves, clips and pins, bearings. (13889) But also worn brake linings called pucks, and wear. Wear happens when one or more clips are getting lost. To understand how that can happen we'll have to get more into detail of the function of these brakes. Emphasized The wheel halves are nothing special but they have several protrusions inside the circumference of the inside rim attached where the loose - or swimming - brake disk engages. To keep the disk centered 4 clips are used.

The trouble starts when clips are getting weak or lost and the brake disk is not centered anymore. The disk is then not free moving anymore, can cant and will work on the wheel halves. Worse when the disk is not held centered between the pucks anymore. Then the disk can wear the bake cylinder unit away. Also the protruding blocks can get lost, they are held in place with a screw.

If you experience dragging brakes with Goodyears, chances are the disks are making contact with the brake cylinders.

Brake clips and pucks are hard to find these days, but pucks may be fabricated from brake stock as owner provided parts, the clips are more difficult to find, but UNIVAIR and some other companies are sourcing NOS parts.

Goodyear parts catalog

Links to UNIVAIR with some choices for parts. These may not be the original parts. Call Univair before you order.
goodyear brake housing
goodyear anvil-and-piston lining
goodyear dot-button fastener