Ercoupe Cleveland Wheel and Brake Conversion Kit
Model/Name: ERCO E, G, 415-C, 415-D & 415-CD (S/N 813 & up) FORNEY F-1, F-1A
Kit Number: 199-69
Tire Size: 6.00-6
Main Wheel Assembly: 40-41
Standard Disc: 164-00300
Chrome Disc: N/A
Brake Assembly: 30-30
Lining Type: 066-10500

Comments: Installation per FAA STC SA120GL, SA127GL. See also the STC list

Failure reports on Brake parts

Univar: 415-C; Sheared Brake Clevis; ATA 3240

"On landing," says this general aviation technician, "(this aircraft) lost braking action. An investigation found the brake piston clevis rodóbetween the brake pedal arm and the master cylinderóhad sheared below the lock nut." (Piston clevis rod P/N: 4008. Component name and P/N: Brake Arm; 41533458. See photo below.)

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