How to trailer your Ercoupe

By Paul

I've moved perhaps 10-12 Coupes on a car trailer. Most of the moves were 10-40 miles. The longest that I have personally moved a Coupe is 600 miles.

The plane I'm finishing up now came on a trailer 1400 miles.

IMO the wings are the biggest pain. They tend to move and work and can suffer rash and worse. Next is the windshield. If you leave a cover on it works and rubs. Without a cover damage from rocks and gravel can result. In one case I got concrete dust from a construction site. Moisture hardened it and it was a pain to get off without ruining the windshield.

If the tail feathers are on the Coupe must be loaded nose first. Tail first is a disaster since the elevator will take on a life of its own.

My favorite trailer is a car trailer with no tool box and a removable jack and wooden floor. I nail a couple of 2X12X8 foot planks in front of the wheels, remove the jack and load the plane over the front of the trailer.

This Coupe was only moved a short distance so the wings aren't secured real well.

This was going 50 miles and the wings are padded and tied down.

Here's how they go on and off.

I've loaded with two people who have done it before. You can roll the plane on and off with your hands on the tires. It is steered by turning one tire more than the other. You keep a chock a few inches in front of the tire to prevent it from getting away.