Trailer an Aircoupe

Here's my latest take on moving an Alon . ( I've moved Aircoupes at least a dozen times over the past 40 years - short and long distance ) This one went 3000 miles Fl to B.C. Canada. Used my Bobcat tilt trailer. Added a 8' extension to the tongue. and added a pair of side supports ahead of the trailer wheels. It was a spring gear Alon so I moved the tires/wheels/ axel fby easily loosening the attach bolts and installed the wheel assembly on the inside of the gear leg, made the width over a foot narrower. Lifted the fuselage with my slide in camper jacks attached to the wing attach fittings. Slid the trailer from the rear towards the truck, under into position and attached to the truck. Wings and tail went into the truck bed with the tail gate down... 3000 miles, and never moved an inch and wings rode beautiful.

-safe travels, Dave