FROM JACK STANTON -- Ercoupe Wing Jack Point Appliance

Here are pictures of the assorted washers and bolts and nuts necessary to build the appliances. Also the completed assembly.

I purchased everything at Home Depot which is a huge home improvement and construction products and services retailer. Of course, any hardware store will carry them..

You buy two bolts the same size as the tie down ring bolts and long enough to accommodate all the washers.

This is a very easy project and you can keep the assembly for your next annual or landing gear repair.

Number 1. Remove inspection disc near the tie down ring.

Number 2. Remove tie down ring from wing. Don't even try to use the ring as a jack point, I ruined one of mine, lesson learned.

Number 3. Assemble washers on the bolt starting with the smallest and ending up with the largest next to the wing.(I put a leather disc next to the wing so the washer would not scratch the paint.) Yes, I'm anal. He HE

Number 4. Screw the bolt/washer assembly into the tie down ring hole and snug it to the wing. Use the tie down ring nut to secure the bolt from the top, inside the wing.

You'r done. The bolt head fits into the indention in my bottle jack shaft.

Hope this is helpful.