• It seems that the Ercoupe airframe stalls around 45 knots at a gross weight of 1320 pounds. With this STC, you are getting the most as an LSA pilot.
  • Univair holds a STC for metal covering the wings.

Wing metalize STC

  • The conversion to a new electric starter, discarding your DELCO pull cable starter.
  • ternplate header tank - replace with aluminum tank.
  • Shoulder harness installation
  • cleveland brakes STC SA 120 GL
  • cleveland brakes 337 for serial numbers lower than 817

UNIVAIR (ERCO) 415-C, 415-CD, 415-D / SERIAL # 113 through 4868

  • Bill Coons Landing Gear spacers
  • Falconars folding wing mod
  • engine mounts - use inserts in O-200 to convert to C-series engine mounts.
  • Cessna Seats & Large Baggage Compartment
  • Side door installation
  • Autogas (Mogas) STC and Flight manual extension
  • Skyport big baggage compartment STC


  • Kenny wheel fairings STC and instructions


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