Jim Stasny rebuilds the Rudder Bellcrank

I've done the nylon bearing service bulletin on mine. If you have the bell crank out of the stabilizer it's not too bad of a fix. After dismantling and removing the old bushing I used a large long bolt (Home Depot) with large washers and nut to press the new aluminum bushing into the housing. The nylon inserts have a anti spin nubbin that fits into the new aluminum bushing. I used a Dremel tool to notch the new bushing for those little nubbins. I then used an adjustable reamer to get near the correct size. Finished the reaming with a .568 reamer. (Granger 24M361 - $81.15) Next was to slap on some Lubrarplate (sp) and assemble.

Here are the pictures

Jim Stasny