5.00x4 Nose wheel nut tool

The 4 inch nose wheel uses a roller bearing that needs to be properly torqued down with a nut. This nut seems to be special in that that it is currently priced at $80. (2015)

So you don't want to ruin that nut while torquing it to the required "tightly" as per ERCO Bulletin No.16. Rule here is tighter is better, since you are securing the inner ring of a roller bearing to the axle. No looseness is allowed. To do that a proper tool is needed. Ron tells us how you can get one.

I used a 2" diameter tube. I think it was part of an exhaust pipe..

I just marked the "pins" around the outside of the pipe and ground out in between.

Best suggestion is to weld a bar with a nut in the middle across the back and then you can use a torque wrench if desired.

I cut the depth of the teeth to fit the nut thickness. Mine ended up being 3/16" long teeth.

Hope this helps.