Nose Gear Repairs

Nose gears need not be a mystery. They are basically a shock strut with a sleeve that rotates for steering.

The below photo is of the gear in the plane after the steering rod was disconnected at the Heim bearing.

Below is the same shot with the nose gear removed. Notice the "grip" that attaches it to the bottom of the motor mount

Below is how the top attachment looks. The nose gear is inserted into the cylinder in the center of the photo. .

Here is the nose gear "buck naked" as it were. The bolt by the top secures it in its mounting.

The picture below shows details of the lower strut. Note the lower outer bushings shown. The longer one (bronze. top) is P/N 415-34411. The installed, shorter one is P/N 415-34315.

Here we see the gear with the wheel removed. This is a good illustration of the "dual fork" nose gear.

Below we have an Ercoupe with the gear up!

Further work includes draining hydraulic fluid out of the top and tightening up the scissors.

The front wheel with weights installed. This removed most of the shimmy.