Acceptable play in Ailerons, Rudder and Elevator

This gauge provides reference tolerances for measuring aileron, elevator and rudder play along with a reference dimension useful for performing our rudder AD.

References: The elevator value came from Ercoupe Service Memorandum 56. The rudder value is used for compliance with recurring AD 57-02-01 and the aileron measurement is specified in Ercoupe Service Memorandum 57 for aircraft which have had the aileron balance weights removed.

Note that the aileron play measurement MUST be taken at a Right Angle to the wing surface. In other words, you have to take into account the dihedral; otherwise, you are measuring along the diagonal and will get a false measurement that is larger than the actual value. A tripod enables you do that easily.

You also should take care to measure at the inboard end of the aileron. There is some flexing of the aileron itself.

Cheers, Bill