Other Propellers certified for Ercoupes

The Aeromatic prop is certified for Ercoupes on a C75 or C85 engine installation. Due to its design it should give you an advantage in climb and cruise performance at the same time.

Here a Flight test with a C-75 engine and a Sensenich wooden propeller to compare.

COMPARATIVE FLIGHT TEST KOPPERS CO. May 1, 1947 Aeromatic Propeller model F200 with 00-73E blades.

Ercoupe 415 C

Maximum speed not exceeding Rated Engine RPM

Altitude 1000 ft.

 Fixed PitchAeromatic
Speed, MPH105117
Improvement 11.4%

Altitude 3000 ft.

 Fixed PitchAeromatic
Speed, MPH100110
Improvement 10%

Altitude 5000 ft.

 Fixed PitchAeromatic
Speed, MPH97104
Improvement 7.2%

Cruising Performance at 2100 rpm

Indicated AirSpeed

AltitudeFixed PitchAeromaticImprovement
1000 ft95 mph100 mph5%
3000 ft90 mph100 mph11.1%
5000 ft85 mph100 mph17.6%

Climb Performance@ 1260# GTOW

 Fixed PitchAeromaticImprovement
First minute climb, fpm66080021.2%
RofC @ 3000 ft.5105303.0%
RofC @ 5000 ft.3553601.4%

Signed by H. R. Ulrich of Koppers Aeromatic Propeller Dept.