New Rubber Bushings for the Motor Mount

During the long annual inspection of that year, I replaced these bushings. The process is made eminently simpler with an engine hoist!

This is what a bolt looks like partially out. Do Not take all the bolts out at once!!

Here we have a bolt most of the way out. Since the engine causes the rubber bushings to deform, the bolts may have to be driven out. Watch out for the threads!

This is what it looks like with one of the bolts and the bushings completely out. Note that the bolts have been inserted wrong! It may be standard practice (heads forward or up) but the engine and Ercoupe Service Manuals say different. But this is the way my `coupe came.

This shows the old bushing on top of the motor.

Another picture of the installation - again with the bolts going the wrong way.

Important note: The bolts are installed from the wrong direction. They should be installed from the rear of the engine mount (bolt heads on the side of the fire wall NOT on the side of the engine) Lynn

Tighten up by setting the torque wrench to 60 inch pounds. Check the alignment of the cotter pin hole in the bolt - if it works, put the pin in. Else reset it to 80 inch pounds and tighten until the hole aligns with the castellation in the nut and put the pin in. If the torque wrench indicates the higher setting, one may have to start over. Insure pins are set with the head "up" and bend the legs of the cotter pin legs over.

Finally we have the bolts on correctly and cotter pinned. This is not a hard job. Take your time and have the hoist and torque wrench handy!

Percy G. Wood

October, 2012

Addition from the edititor: The ERCO part numbers for the bolts are 415-40400-12 (upper) and 415-40400-13 (lower) for the standard C75/C85. For an O-200 you need 2 AN6-54s and 2 AN6-52s if you want the cotter pin holes to line up - longer bolts. But what you should take away is that the top and bottom bolts are slightly different. Here the bolts for the C75/85 installation:

AN6-52 AIRFRAME BOLT - 3/8 X 5-1/4 INCH

AN6-53 AIRFRAME BOLT - 3/8 X 5-3/8 INCH