Percy Woods example of a shot tank

So I took the tank out. Not too big a deal. Most work on Ercoupes is not a big deal. Just drain out the gas (empties both wing tanks, so be sure you have enough cans to hold it), remove the wing root fairing, take off the "banjo" fitting on the bottom, and take the screws out of the bottom and top; bottom first, so the top will hold the tank on until the last minute.

It is like opening a time capsule. From 1946.

The case against sloshing compound! One picture (worth a thousand words, I've heard) to show what could be lurking in your tanks

Well, shux. We've had to take the entire tank apart. This shot of the corner shows corrosion hole. Not good.

Above is the "outer" part. It is a real simple curve to fit the 43013 airfoil. It had bead bends in the bottom for stiffening, and in my case, some serious corrosion. Geoff and I have taken an acid and metal brush to it so far. I have taken all the sealing off with paint stripper. But see the corrosion around the exit port.

Above is the tank split apart. This gives an idea of how most of the Ercoupe wing tanks go together.

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